Saturday, 14 June 2014


Exclusive interviews with
heavyweight sensation Deontay Wilder,
former champion Chris Byrd to feature

New illustrations and Jack Johnson article
by comic-book legend Trevor Von Eeden
also among volume 1 content

Jack Johnson: illustration by Trevor Von Eeden

Writer and editor Luke G. Williams is pleased to announce that an anthology of new boxing writing BOXIANA: VOLUME 1 will be published as a paperback and ebook later this year through Troubador publishing.

Among the writers and subjects featured in Volume 1: Trevor Von Eeden, author of the acclaimed graphic novel The Original Johnson, analyses the significance of Jack Johnson; Mario Mungia tries his hand at amateur boxing; Ben Williams uncovers his grandfather’s bareknuckle boxing career; Matthew Ogborn considers the issues boxers face on retirement; James Hernandez catches up with Jon Thaxton; rising light heavyweight Chris Hobbs recounts his life in the military and the ring; Rowland Stone recalls a heady night in 1992; Corey Quincy attempts to solve the Wladimir Klitschko conundrum and Luke G. Williams examines the meteoric rise of Deontay Wilder and the under-rated career of Chris Byrd.

In a world dominated by 140 character limits and the 24-hour news cycle, brevity and superficiality have become de rigueur, Boxiana will take a somewhat different approach. By using long-form journalism to take an in-depth look at the sport’s past, present and future, Boxiana is a vital new voice in sports writing. Utilising prose that is original, startling and thought provoking, Boxiana examines pugilistic themes, characters and issues ranging from the personal to the universal, combining exclusive interview material and meticulous research. Boxiana’s fresh approach to boxing writing will, without doubt, both intrigue and delight all serious followers of the pugilistic arts.

Exclusive previews of Volume 1 content, as well as further information about its contributors will feature on the Boxiana blog in the coming weeks
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