Boxiana is a boxing anthology, which features thought-provoking, inspiring and interesting journalism related to the pugilistic arts. Longtime fans of the pugilistic arts will recognise that our title is shamelessly cribbed from Pierce Egan's Georgian journalistic masterpiece, which did so much to popularise the 'noble art'. This new version of Boxiana could never hope to scale the immortal heights reached by Egan's meisterwerk, instead our aim is to present our readers with a mixture of interesting and insightful journalism, focused on any era or topic connected to boxing (past, present or future!) that someone feels passionately enough to write about.

Boxiana will always aim to give a voice to as many talented and passionate writers as possible, professional or amateur. We intend our issues to be 100-plus pages long, so we will welcome longer, in-depth articles of several thousand words, as well as shorter, pithier submissions. The only 'entry criteria' is that you have the cojones to send us a proposal or article we like. We are also open to publishing boxing-related poetry or artwork; so if prose ain't your thing, don't let that stop you!

In short, as long as your work is written with love and care and has a connection to boxing, ancient or modern, we are interested in reading and publishing it. We might even put our prejudices to one side and consider interesting pieces on other combat sports, such as UFC or MMA. Additionally, and unlike most boxing websites, we will also pay you a fee for your submissions, and contributors will also be in line for an annual profit-share payment.

We have already completed the submission procedure for Volume 1 of Boxiana, which was published in print and as an ebook in November 2014.

If you are interested in writing for future volumes of Boxiana, email the editor Luke Williams at lgw007@yahoo.com

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