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Boxiana Vol. 1 extras: Five rounds with Corey Quincy

Wladimir Klitschko - illustration by Trevor Von Eeden

Over the past couple of months, this blog has been featuring a series of exclusive previews and 'extras' relating to content from Boxiana: Volume 1, which will hopefully whet your appetite and persuade you to buy the full volume, which will be available as a paperback book (RRP £9.99) or ebook (RRP £3.99) from 28 November.

Today we interview contributor Corey Quincy, whose thought-provoking feature on Wladimir Klitschko's reign as heavyweight champion was actually the first piece I commissioned for Boxiana! Corey is a highly talented and passionate writer, and I'll be posting a preview of his article later today. Corey's article is accompanied by one of Boxiana illustrator Trevor Von Eeden's fantastic pieces of art - the heavily cropped version shown above doesn't do justice to the final artwork - which you'll have to buy Boxiana: Volume 1 to see!

Boxiana goes five rounds with Corey Quincy!

Round 1: Can you remember the first boxing match you ever watched?
Not quite, to be completely honest. I’ve followed boxing since I can remember. In a way, the sport takes the essence of life with it:  desire, skill, power, heart – that’s one of the many reasons I began  watching it and will always continue.

Round 2: Who are your favourite boxers and why?
I’ve always most admired Willie Pep – the Featherweight legend who could win a round without landing a punch! Pep wasn’t a foul-mouthed entertainer, but he had a quick yet somehow florid style that allowed him to beat just about anyone of his era – any era. He had an incredible story too! Julian Jackson is another, but he, however, requires little  explanation. His sheer power was something else! Erik Morales was involved in a number of my favorite fights, including his trilogy with Marco Antonio Barrera. He had all of the  physical attributes as well as the intangibles - all in order. Some others I’d like to point out include Rocky Marciano, Nigel Benn, Roberto Duran, Jersey Joe Walcott, Sam Langford (If only I had a time machine!), and the late Arturo Gatti.

Round 3: Is boxing morally justifiable?
As a boxing writer, I feel obligated to say yes, but I just read about a fourteen-year-old boy losing his life in a boxing match just four or five days ago. When safety gets thrown into play, boxing often looks like a human dogfight.

Round 4: Time travel has been invented and you are able to match up two fighters from boxing history. Who would they be and why?
George Foreman Vs Rocky Marciano … for the fans, right?? If not, maybe Harry Greb Vs. Jake LaMotta … two old, old school fighters who would  put on a show. This question required a lot of thought.

Round 5: What achievement or piece of work from your  professional life (writing or otherwise) has given you the most  satisfaction?
I’m very proud of my contributions to Boxiana, but, otherwise, my  improvement found me the most satisfaction. I wasn’t a boxing writer overnight. My work wasn’t suitable for an internet blog when I first began, now, I’m working with exceptional publications like Boxiana. It’s an honour!

Thanks to Corey for sparring five rounds with Boxiana!

COREY QUINCY is an ambitious boxing writer and avid fan with over three years of experience. Boxing is his bread-and-butter. Watching classic fights is like exploring the most perfect art gallery. Sugar Ray Robinson is his Leonardo Da Vinci, Muhammad Ali his Picasso, and Willie Pep his Michelangelo. Corey, from a rural town in northeastern Pennsylvania, USA, enjoys relaxation, is fascinated by modern innovations and technologies, relishes time with his family, regularly follows Basketball, European Soccer, MMA, and, of course, loves typing his thoughts on pugilism. He’s contributed to, Boxing World Magazine, Ringnews24 and Boxiana among many other platforms. You can tweet him @Quincyboxingfan and email him at He spends approximately a quarter of his waking moments scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and reading emails – and he loves to talk before and after each and every fight!

Boxiana: Volume 1 will be available through Troubador PublishingAmazon in the UKAmazon in the USA and all good traditional and online booksellers.

Further exclusive previews of Volume 1 content, as well as further information about Boxiana's contributors will feature on the Boxiana blog in the coming weeks.

An anthology of new boxing writing Boxiana: Volume 1 will be published on 28 November 2014 through Matador Publishing, in both paperback book and eBook formats. Boxiana editor Luke G. Williams said: “In a world dominated by 140 character limits and the 24-hour news cycle, brevity and superficiality have become de rigueur. Boxiana takes a different approach; by using long-form journalism to take an in-depth look at boxing’s past, present and future, we are hoping that Boxiana will become a vital new voice in sports writing.”

In Volume 1:
Trevor Von Eeden, author of graphic novel The Original Johnson, analyses the significance of Jack Johnson; Mario Mungia tries his hand at amateur boxing; Ben Williams uncovers his grandfather’s bare-knuckle career; James Hernandez catches up with Jon Thaxton; Matthew Ogborn ponders boxers and retirement; rising light heavyweight Chris Hobbs recounts his life in the military and the ring; Rowland Stone recalls a heady night in 1992; Corey Quincy attempts to solve the Wladimir Klitschko conundrum and Luke G. Williams examines the meteoric rise of Deontay Wilder and the under-rated career of Chris Byrd.

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