Monday, 21 July 2014

Boxiana gets married

It's been a while since I've posted and the reason is simple - Boxiana got married on 12 July, so (as I'm sure you all understand) the wedding build-up, ceremony, reception, honeymoon and aftermath have been absorbing most of my attention these past few weeks.

Of course, Boxiana couldn't resist adding a little touch of pugilism to the wedding proceedings, in the form of a 'cake topper' of a likeness of myself and my bride Kemi made to look like Rocky Balboa and his wife Adrian. I thought readers might like the photo - and if you ever want a distinctive cake topper for your wedding or special event, I can heartily recommend the services of Katie Power from

More blog posts will follow later this month, including a continuation of the lineal heavyweight rankings series, the first Boxiana Pound for Pound ranking list and some exclusive extracts from Boxiana: Volume 1, the new boxing anthology I've edited which is due to publish in November. You can check out more details about this print and ebook volume here.

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