Saturday, 24 May 2014

What is Boxiana?

So, you've somehow ended up on this page, and you're wondering what Boxiana is? Well, let me explain ...

Boxiana is a forthcoming boxing anthology, which intends to feature thought-provoking, inspiring and interesting journalism related to the pugilistic arts. The first volume will be published later this year, in both printed and ebook form. This blog, as well as the @boxianajournal twitter page and the website partly exist to promote this volume, but also to provide extra content, thoughts and background info about the noble art of boxing which won't appear in the printed volume.

One of the reasons I have set up Boxiana is to give as many writers as possible a chance to publish in print. The internet is great but, for me, nothing beats seeing your work typeset and lovingly adorned across proper paper.  Boxiana will always seek to give a voice to as many talented and passionate writers as possible, professional or amateur. I intend each volume to be 200-plus pages long, so I particularly welcome longer, in-depth articles of several thousand words, as well as shorter, pithier submissions. The only 'entry criteria' is that a writer has the 'cojones' to send me a proposal or article I like. I am also open to publishing boxing-related poetry or artwork.

Oh yes, and unlike most boxing websites, and many print journals these days, I will also pay all writers a fee for their submissions, as well as an annual profit-share payment (that presumes, of course, that I make a profit - so far my outgoings have added up far beyond what I ever envisioned, and my monetary return thus has been exactly zilch!) Still, this is more of a passion project than a money-making scheme, so I'll try not to moan about that!

I'll return to many of the above subjects again in future posts, but hopefully this has given you a brief flavour of what Boxiana is about. Oh yes, and I'm going to try and leave some clues / teases in each blog post about the content of future Boxiana articles. The photo at the top of this post, for example, relates to a substantial and fascinating article which will appear in Boxiana Volume 1. If you can't identify who it is, I'll reveal a bit more in my next post ...

Finally, if you are interested in writing for future volumes of Boxiana, please email me at
And for Boxiana's full submission guidelines please click here

Luke G. Williams
Boxiana editor

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